Naheed Abro

Marvi Crafts

Naheed Abro’s father was a taxi driver who migrated from Lakki to Shikarpur years ago, looking for a better future, but couldn’t educate all nine of his children. Despite this, Naheed started sewing clothes to fund her own education and completed a Masters in English and Sociology, and is half way through her MBA.

While studying, she started stitching Sindh rallis (quilts) and topis (hats) and storied training women to do the same.

Naheed teaches women from surrounding villages stitching, design, patchwork, appliqué and embroidery. Her work is recognisable at exhibitions across Sindh because of the unique colour combinations and fine embroidery she uses. High level of professionalism and quality products have won Naheed’s company orders from well known fashion houses.

Despite how busy she is meeting orders, she still finds time to work for women’s development and flood relief. “I have faced many hurdles to come this far. Cultural barriers for women are strong — I have to constantly convince parents to allow their daughters to be educated,” she says. Naheed employs 15 women at her training institute and has sent 500 women to Karachi for training.

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