Muhammad Adnan Butt

Mvergence Media

Few people dare to dream; fewer act on their dreams. Muhammad Adnan Butt, an engineer from GIK Topi was able to harness his creativity and transform ideas in his head to real life. During on internship at an international FMCG company he was introduced to marketing. Being able to connect with millions of people by using his ideas to transform their choices pushed Adnan towards a marketing-related career.

Later when offered an engineering position at that FMCG, Adnan politely declined and opted to work in a brand-related position at a telecom company despite a lower salary. To some, Adnan’s choice seemed irrational, but to him, it mode complete sense.

In 2009, after spending 2 years in product development and learning the tricks of the mobile media trade, Adnan changed gears. He started his own entrepreneurial venture — Mvergence Media, which is one of the most creative agencies operating in Pakistan today offering marketing solutions and social network application development.

Mvergence gave him an opportunity to, “conceive, create and launch multiple products,” and stay true to his passion of connecting with people. Adnan also started a sister company called Walnut Media. He hopes to introduce regional online social media and mobile platforms for brands. As fate would have it, the company Adnan turned down is one of his biggest clients today.

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