Maleeha C. Nasir


Pakistani women are as ambitious as men but have a different set of priorities and face greater hurdles striking work-life balance because of an extra set of family responsibilities. Socio-cultural norms are also far less conducive to females working than other countries with similar economic conditions to Pakistan.

Maleeha Nasir, a BSC graduate from LUMS began her career in brand marketing but soon realised that she wanted to start her own business and dictate her own terms. Using her passion for fashion she began working to on opening her own clothing store. To gain experience, she worked as a buying manager for a clothing store and began to understand how to translate her outspoken personality into clothing others would enjoy wearing. Eventually she opened Daamon.

Established in 2009, Daaman is a clothing label for women, specialising in all things hip and trendy. Maleeha believes that fashion is a powerful form of self expression; “life is too short to wear boring clothes! We want to help people take some fashion risks that are right for them,” she says.

Doaman has stores in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and sells clothes online. Reasonable prices, aesthetic designs and high quality are Daaman’s edge over competitors — it was even nominated for 2010’s Lux Style Awards. Maleeha, backed up by her husband

Syed Ali Nasir who is her Accounts Manager started with a team of 10 employees which has grown to over 40, who she provides with an excellent work-space and health insurance.

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