Khizr Imran Tajammul

Jaan Pakistan

Smoke from open fires contributes to the death of more than four million people every year around the globe. With over 90% of Pakistan's rural population still using primitive methods of heating for household cooking needs, this is particularly concerning and results in diseases like asthma, lung cancer and pneumonia.

Khizr is the founder of Jan Pakistan – a social enterprise, researching and producing affordable and clean energy solutions for low-income communities across Pakistan. These cooking stoves reduce harmful emissions by 80% and enhance combustion efficiencies by 60%, and consequently fuel savings. Khizr and his team of five have set up a pilot programme in Bedian village where they are mobilizing the local community to test their business, which entails developing the most affordable and practical clean cooking stove

Jaan Pakistan envisions to impact at least 0.5 million households through its alternate energy solutions.

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