Muhammad Sheryar

Harness Energy

People rely on energy for basics like cooking, heating and lighting. Yet over 7 in 10 Pakistanis have no or limited access to continued energy. In rural areas, the situation is worse as life pretty much pauses when the sun goes down. Seeing this first hand on one of his trips to Interior Sindh, Sheryar got inspired to ‘harness energy’.

Harness Energy is a social enterprise providing clean, affordable, and reliable solutions to households through solar lanterns and LED lights. So far they have enabled over 500 households in Punjab with alternate energy solutions. The enterprise, in near future, aims to introduce higher wattage solar systems for households completely off the grid as well as clean cooking stoves.

Shehryar hopes to further expand Harness Energy across Pakistan and aspires to touch 1 million lives by 2020.

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