Shakaib Uz Zaman Khan

SK Motor Syndicates

Shakaib Khan, a young graduate from loBM, has a passion for automobiles. He thought about starting an auto-repair shop during an entrepreneurship course where the instructor encouraged students to transform their passions into business ventures.

SK Motor Syndicate (SKMS) began in 2008 with an initial investment of Rs 800 by Shakiab’s grandfather. Shakaib’s innovative techniques and cost-effective marketing strategies, like using his seed money to print car stickers, gave him a lot of exposure and made the business sustainable.

Specialising in maintenance, repair-work, inspections, trading, interior fabrication, exterior add-ons and CNG installation for any kind of car, SKMS is a ‘one-stop shop’ for any kind of automotive need a customer might have. In just 2 years, Shakaib and his partners Umair Rashid, Usama Siddiqui and Faizan Rauf already have over 70 permanent customers and provide services to a corporate fleet, generating an annual turnover of Rs 1 million. The business has expanded to 14 outsourced firms and employs over 75 skilled mechanics.

SKMS is the first ever door-to-door automobile service provider in Pakistan catering to customers who have busy work schedules or who cannot easily leave their homes, giving them access to a service that makes their lives easier.

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