Shahzeb Saeed


Opportunity often comes from unexpectedly — as was the case with Shahzeb Saeed, a professional shirt maker and wardrobe consultant. He graduated from IBA with an MBA. His long-time desire to create the finest shirts for businessmen materialised when his brother, a banker, asked him to design a shirt for him. This shirt led to new clients through word of mouth, and since then Shahzeb has been busy making some of the finest quality cotton shirts available in Pakistan.

After selling shirts to personal contacts and friends, Shahzeb encountered his first business challenge: he needed a space to display his products. By thinking creatively to save overhead costs he began displaying his shirts at corporate events and workshops. This approach worked well, giving him a lot of exposure in the corporate sector. He then began selling shirts on Facebook and through his official website.

Shahzeb believes everything in life is possible if you stay positive and persistent. ‘A lot of people discouraged me from selling my products online because they said it was an ineffective distribution channel. But it turned out that the Internet was an opportunity just waiting to be used,” he says. Shahzeb Saeed Pret Line now offers free delivery anywhere in Karachi and 30 days money back guarantee on all shirts in stock.

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