Bright Ideas Seminars

Bright Ideas seminars offers support to enable young people to develop and shape their business ideas.
The Bright Ideas provides an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to come up with a business idea and to evaluate the potential to take it further.
Bright Ideas seminars enables its participants to:

  • Develop their creative thinking abilities
  • Understand the skills and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • Generate a list of possible business ideas
  • Evaluate the ideas generated
  • Develop a personal action plan
  • Know how, and where to go, to take the idea further
  • Bright Ideas enables the user to embark on their enterprise journey and guides them through the initial stages of developing a business idea, in three modules: ‘Do you have an idea?’; ‘Do you have the skills?’; and, ‘Where next?’.

Bright Ideas facilitates the learning experience through an interactive series of information slides, and brain teaser activities that prompt thoughts and actions on the part of the participant. There are 20 questions to help develop a business idea, and quizzes to test the participant’s understanding and entrepreneurial aptitude. Candidates are provided with their own journal to record their thoughts and actions as their business ideas form and evolve, and there are links to downloadable sources of useful business information, advice, tips and signposting to additional enterprise support. Case studies of successful young businesses supported by Shell LiveWIRE provide the inspiration for the user to emulate their success, and participants are given their own personal action planner to help them plan the next steps on their enterprise journey.

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