Business Planning & Management Trainings

Any start-up business needs a robust business plan and the necessary skills to achieve the desired objectives. Become a Successful Owner Manager (BSOM) workshop series comprehensively covers the writing of a business plan. This includes marketing, employing people, financial forecasting and strategy development. This is usually aligned to relevant qualifications and customized to the needs and profile of audience from diverse back grounds.
A good business plan should include basic information that is well researched and realistically sourced.

Normally a plan should contain:

  • An explanation of what the business will do
  • Who is involved in the business and what skills and resources they bring
  • A view on who will buy the product or service and why
  • A marketing plan

Financial forecasts, an explanation of overall viability whilst giving an indication of finance already available and further finance required
An estimated cash flow forecast

The BSOM trainings enables young entrepreneurs to develop a viable business plan. It also helps the entrepreneurs make a personal decision about committing time, energy and money to their business idea and secondly, to exhibit that idea to other stakeholders, for example potential sources of finance or trade suppliers.

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