Shell Tameer Focus Group

02 April 2018

Shell Tameer Focus Group:


Shell Tameer organized a focus group discussion to determine the most relevant activities and support mechanism to shape the programme as a national platform of choice for Pakistani entrepreneurs.

A strong group of 19 key stakeholders including Shell Tameer alumni, partners from industry, academia and aspiring entrepreneurs were engaged to respond to a structured set of following questions:

1.       Have you ever benefited through an enterprise support programme? If yes, what were the most useful components of that programme ?

2.       The key challenges/gaps in the current entrepreneurship support scenario?

3.       How can we reach out to the best potential young entrepreneurs?

4.       In your opinion what more Tameer should offer to become the first choice for young entrepreneurs?

The data collected from the participants were thoroughly analyzed by Shell Tameer team and derived some interesting insights as follows:

1.       The most useful components of enterprise support programme are financial support, mentoring and advice, capacity building, value chain integration and market linkages

2.       The key challenges in the opinion of the participants were  lack of awareness around the concepts of social and conventional entrepreneurship, limited financial and incubation opportunities and unfavorable environment for startups due to multiple external factors e.g. complexed registration processes,  bureaucracy and corruption.

3.       The recommendations to reach out the best entrepreneurial talent and to enhance the impact Tameer should offer:

a)      Increased awareness around its core thematic areas, conceptual development of ideas around social enterprise.

b)      Research & Development aligning Shell’s value chain by inviting enterprise support platforms and entrepreneurs to develop solutions to Shell business issues.

c)       Increased Financial Support to invest in prototype development, and encourage R&D around key Shell business challenges

Shell Tameer is keen to benefit from these valuable learnings and have developed a comprehensive execution strategy to shape up the programme in the right direction and to create a wider impact on the national economy

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