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Shell LiveWIRE is a Royal Dutch Shell Social Investment Programme, which enables young people to start their own business and create employment. Shell LiveWIRE is currently present in 18 countries across the globe. Over 9.2m young entrepreneurs have benefited from Shell LiveWIRE global programmes since its inception in 1982.

In Pakistan, Shell LiveWIRE was launched in 2003 with the local name of "Tameer," which means "to build", The programme encourages a business environment through developing entrepreneurial skills in young people aged between 18-35. The programme offers: Conceptual development of business ideas; training to help with enterprise skills and starting a business; networking with expert organisations; the opportunity to develop links for securing business; start up finance; a two-yearly award scheme to recognise business success and to inspire others; and, follow up support to help entrepreneurs sustain their businesses.

Tameer is registered as an independent trust governed by a carefully selected board of internal and external Trustees. It provides a range of services to inspire and develop their entrepreneurial potential across Pakistan. These include:

  • Exclusive TIDE ToT Internship programs for students.
  • Build the Future Grant Programme for skilled start-ups
  • Shell Tameer Platinum for skilled start-ups within Shell's value Chain 
  • Enterprise awareness sessions
  • Business start up training programmes
  • Business consultancy sessions
  • Assistance to access financial support through partners
  • Tameer business awards competition
  • An interactive web service and social media forum
  • Access to Shell LiveWIRE global grants  (terms & conditions applies)

 Our Success

Over the last three years, the programme has engaged 1,653 young entrepreneurs through enterprise trainings resulting in over 277 start-ups and business expansions. Seventy Four entrepreneurs recognized through Tameer Awards whereas 22 Tameer alumni received global recognition through Shell LiveWIRE’s prestigious Hall of Fame and received trade grants worth PKR 6 Million (US$ 60,000) through Shell LiveWIRE’s Let’s Go Trade and Top Ten Innovator Awards.

Launched in July 2014, Shell Tameer’s ‘Build the Future’ campaign was a nationwide appeal for financial donations to provide seed capital for students from SOS Technical Training Institute and The Hunar Foundation to start up their own businesses, with the support of Shell Tameer. The campaign has raised PKR Five Million (US$ 50,000) to provide seed capital for students from SOS Technical Training Institute and The Hunar Foundation to start up their own businesses, with support from the programme.

The ‘Build the Future’ campaign will eventually kick-start up to 120 enterprises from both institution.

Through its Builaunching Tameer Information Desk for Entrepreneurs (TIDE), the scope and outreach of the programme increased by manifolds with an improved success rate from 10% to 30%. The programme has provided enterprise awareness sessions to over 76,000 young people. Over 4000 young entrepreneur have been trained , 1000 young Tameer supported bsuinesses have created 22,500 (estimated) employment opportunities.

Some of the significant global and local achievements of Tameer are as follows:

  • Empowered 1000 ultra poor women in sindh and Punjab through Enterprise Generation trainings
  • 229 women led start-ups impacting 1380 lives
  • 74 young businesses recognised through Tameer local awards 
  • PKR 2.1 Million (US$ 20,000) Let's Go Trade global grants offered to 10 entrepreneurs to carry out  international trade trips
  • PKR 4.2 Million (US$ 40,000) offered to five entrepreneurs through Shell LiveWIRE's global Top Ten Innovator Awards.
  • Seven entrepreneurs featured in Shell LiveWIRE’s prestigious “Hall of Fame” 
  • Presented as best LiveWIRE case study at International Enterprise Promotional Convention (IEPC) 2009 in UK A social enterprise assisted by Shell Tameer. 

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